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Since 2014, R1 has been changing the way Real Estate Brokers perceive their industry. In just four short years our unique model became the market leader for the state of New Mexico. In 2019, R1 began growing a national network and expanding their platform, which includes comprehensive broker services, a flexible structure, and a new standard for broker support.

R1 Affiliates can become masters of an entire state, or decide to grow their real estate business in a specific territory. We offer a never before seen product: a brokerage in a box that allows you to choose the best way to operate and grow your business.

How Do We Do It?

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Licensing our name is free! R1 provides branding and a firm online presence!

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R1 has brought together all the services a brokerage needs on one platform!

Run Your Own Brokerage

R1 takes care of all the back office items so that you can focus on growth!

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Become an R1 Affiliate

We're excited to share this amazing opportunity with other brokers as we expand. Interested in learning more about how our platform can benefit your business? Reach out to us!

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