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Each state commission has its own rules and regulations, however, typically you will find all licensees are required to be supervised by a QB- (Qualifying broker) or MB -(Managing Broker). These designations are for brokers who have more education and experience in the industry. Some states require an additional level known as an EB - (Employing Broker) who typically oversees the entire organization.

It is common within a "big box" brokerage to find one QB supervising as many as 200-300 brokers. The QB is typically an employee of the big box and has limited income potential. It also makes it much more difficult to provide the attention and support many Associate Brokers need.

At the R1 companies, we allow managing broker’s or associate brokers who are eligible to become a managing broker the opportunity to create and manage their own groups/business. R1 provides the business platform, tools, support and services required to operate a successful brokerage for a small monthly fee.

Currently, the R1 companies have over 80 managing brokers who supervise and support more than 1000 associate brokers. Each Associate Broker pays a small monthly fee to R1 and each Managing Broker a split on their commissions.

At the R1 Companies, our Managing Brokers keep 100% of the split.

If an Employing Broker is required in their state, then a small fee is added.

" Everything a Managing Broker needs to supervise and support an Associate Broker is provided inside the platform."

Managing Brokers typically charge a flat fee per transaction or a simple split as well as a "file compliance fee" for each closed transaction. Other than the minimal R1 monthly fee, splits are determined by the managing broker. This allows a managing broker to charge a broker based on their market and the associate broker's ability and experience.

No brokerage in the country offers QB/MB level brokers this type of opportunity. Everything you need to operate is included within the R1 Platform. R1 eliminates all day to day operations that typically bog down broker-owners and allows them to focus on supporting their AB's with what they do best: real estate.  This is also the only model that allows Managing Brokers the ability to start, maintain and grow with no franchise fees or upfront costs.  

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Our brokerage owners simply plug into our services, support, and brand- and we offer them the freedom and flexibility to run their business their way. Our opportunity is endless because we let our brokers set their pricing. We help Managing Brokers build profitable businesses!