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R1 is More Than a Network: it's a Family

We believe clients pick the broker, not the brokerage. Our brokers are the R1 priority!  Our brokers are family, not employees. Our model was built by real estate agents who believe the majority of the money should go to the broker, not the brokerage.
R1 provides a proven platform for Associates to practice real estate. Although we provide all of our brokers the opportunity to grow and craft their own business- many Associates are happy simply practicing real estate and working for themselves! We support you no matter what you're ambition.

We Set our Associate Brokers Up for Success By Providing them Guidance and a Career Path

From New Licensee

After real estate school, a new licensee still requires guidance and training from its brokerage. Our model provides hands-on support, mentorship training and big-box technology at a fraction of the cost of other brokerages. This enables our brokers a chance to build a long-term sustainable business and career.

Operating on a Team

After a few years in the business, you're most likely mastering your market and learning more about operating a team. At this stage you're under the supervision of a Managing Broker, but you're also interested in operating your own team. R1 provides the opportunity for you to build and manage your own team.

Managing Broker

You’re a Managing Broker or eligible to be a Managing Broker. You're ready to plan for your future and create residual income. At R1 you can build your own successful business. Set your split’s with your Associate Brokers, build your business the way you want and grow as big as you desire.

"We Founded R1...

On the concept that we wanted to help other people.  It was about trying to give people an opportunity to actually survive the real estate business, and to take care of their families. We’ve had great success because our brokers feel valued, and that culture is the reason for our prosperity.  Now we’re excited to give more agents that opportunity as we expand."

-Mike Taylor: Owner and Founder

What Do We Offer Our Associates?

Our Associate Brokers have the ability to choose from a wide network of Affiliates- the one they choose will become their supervisor, and the team they join becomes their family. Our Associates have access to a plethora of services and tools- all on one platform.

Our Platform

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We have Affiliates in multiple states, letting us know what state you're from will help us pair you with the right R1 Affiliate!

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