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R1 Companies is a Family

  • We believe clients pick the broker, not the brokerage. Our brokers are the R1 priority!  Our brokers are family, not employees. Our model was built by real estate agents who believe the majority of the money should go to the broker, not the brokerage.

  • “We founded R1 on the concept that we wanted to help other people.  It was about trying to give people an opportunity to actually survive the real estate business, and to take care of their families. We’ve had great success because our brokers feel valued, and that culture is the reason for our prosperity.  

    Now we’re excited to give more agents that opportunity as we expand.”

    - Mike Taylor, Owner of R1 Companies

A Brokerage For the Brokers

Agent Websites with CRM

Need to send a listing flyer or market report?  Need to set up a potential buyer on a drip campaign, or search for properties? What about promote your listings online with a professional personal website! Our website does this and more!

Lead Generation

Need to capture more clients? In addition to our unique CRM dashboard, we coordinate with big companies to provide in house leads to our brokers. We offer a multideminsonal approach. Capture leads from your agent website, and from your brokerage!

Commissions Portal

R1 has a unique commissions portal that allows us to keep track of unique splits and transactions. After a closing you can expect direct deposit within 2 business days. Have a delayed closing? You can even apply for an advance on the transaction!

"I am an R1 Baby, which means I was born into R1 as my very first brokerage. I will never move to another brokerage!

I have everything I need- From top notch training, printing, marketing, and all the support from staff and the owners. The culture at R1 is the kind that is rare to find in any other brokerages along with the very low cap, no desk fees, or extra fees.  R1 has been like a family to me and I personally feel at home here."

-Eanika Nunez

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R1 Companies is a national network of brokerages built by brokers with a special mission in mind. We believe that the majority of the money should go to the person doing the hard work. We listen to our brokers, we support our brokers, and we've seen success because of that. Plug into R1 and you'll experience a small company feel with large company technology.

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