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The Average Home Buyer or Seller Chooses the Broker, Not the Brokerage...

Anyone looking to buy or sell a home will undoubtedly feel stressed and a comfortable connection with a broker can make a huge difference.  Brokers work hard for their community and clients to provide support and success- so we founded R1 Companies on the idea that a brokerage should work for their brokers, not the other way around.  R1 provides all the tools, support, and services a broker truly wants and needs, at a fraction of the cost to the broker, providing them freedom and flexibility.

As real estate agents ourselves, we knew the services, tools and support required to operate a successful brokerage. We also knew there was a better and more cost-efficient way to deliver those things to them. We created a proprietary brokerage services platform that provides our broker with everything they need to be successful without charging them franchise fees or large commission splits.  Our brokers only pay for what they want and need while continuing to have access to all the newest technology and services on an a-la-carte basis.

Although it sounds too good to be true, our first branch, R1 New Mexico, grew 1009% in its first three years, becoming the largest real estate brokerage in the state, surpassing big box companies like Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker who had a foothold on our market for years.

Our brokers simply plug-into our platform and it immediately provides them freedom of mind and the resources and support they require. The success of R1 is not determined by a franchise, but instead on its quality of service.  A large company with a small company feel.

-Owners: Mike and Jessica Taylor

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