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Who Are We?

R1 Companies is a network of independent brokerages that operate on a revolutionary and affordable platform. We provide big box technology, services, and support to our affiliates while allowing brokers to operate their own businesses free of franchise fees and restrictions.

Our Vision:

To help the most amount of people succeed and thrive in the Real Estate business.

Our Mission:

Become the platform that every Real Estate firm succeeds on.

Build the largest national network of Real Estate firms ever built.

Create a culture that every Real Estate agent wants to be a part of.

Discover Why We're The Future of Real Estate

Owning a Brokerage Made affordable

Every real estate broker at some point has thought about operating their own real estate brokerage...

Typically, a Managing Broker, or someone eligible to become a Managing Broker- has two options:  they either work for someone else, or they break out on their own. Breaking out on your own can mean spending hundreds of thousands to buy into a franchise, which can be prohibitive and strict. If they start their own company they tend to get bogged down with the day to day operations and the cost, time, and risk involved can be enough to dissuade anyone.  

R1 Companies has developed a revolutionary platform with all the tools, support and resources a Managing Broker needs to operate their own business, and at a fraction of the cost.  We don't charge unnecessary, inflated or franchise fees. Our Managing Brokers have access to big-box technology, services, and support so they are competitive, can grow, and are able to focus on what they do best without getting bogged down. R1 allows a broker to generate residual income, ensure security for their future, and build a profitable business.  

We've made it simple, and affordable for you to plug into our platform and start your business. We work for the broker- not the other way around and that’s why over 80 Managing Brokers and over 1000 agents currently utilize the R1 platform.

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Our production volume is due to our incredible teams of brokers across the country.


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In 2014 we were just 4 brokers. Now look at us! The R1 Platform is irresistible.